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Trafalgar Training and E-Learning Courses

Trafalgar has collated a number of sectional title and HOA Management training and e-learning courses targeted at various stakeholder groups with an interest in community schemes. Ranging from the basic concepts of sectional title property which may be of interest for new owners, tenants and caretakers, to more detailed sectional title training for Trustees and HOA Directors. There are a range of e-learning and other courses freely available to improve your knowledge and awareness.  A short course outline is given for each course below. Please use the enrolment form to apply, after which your login and other instructions will be emailed to you shortly thereafter where applicable. Trafalgar has recorded a range of webinars covering important and topical operational recommendations for Sectional Title Trustees and HOA Directors. To see what we offer, please click here

Sectional Title Trustee Training

This free e-learning course is presented as a short and practical guide to equip new trustees with the necessary legal and practical knowledge to fulfill their roles confidently and effectively, in compliance with important legal and governance requirements for managing sectional title schemes.

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HOA Director Training

This free e-learning course is presented as 2 e-learning modules aimed at equipping newly elected Directors with an overview of important legal concepts to undertake their roles as Directors of their HOA’s.

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Sectional Title concepts and definitions

Understanding the fundamentals, applicable legalities and important definitions of sectional title property is relevant for sectional title property owners who want to understand how they fit into the body corporate, their roles and responsibilities, and how to get involved in the operational management of the body corporate as owners or Trustees. This course has been designed as a general overview for interested sectional title buyers with the option to then continue with further free sectional title training offered by Trafalgar on and With links to webinars and more information throughout, together with an opportunity to raise questions with a sectional title specialist, this is an ideal course to further your sectional title knowledge.

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Sectional Title FAQ’s

Should you be interested to review answers to frequently asked sectional title property questions, please have a look through the list we have collated. Aiming to give simple and clear answers to a range of important and common questions about all aspects of sectional title property, there should be relevance and interest for most sectional title stakeholders. Should you have any unanswered questions, please email who will come back to you with feedback within 1 business day and we will add to the FAQ’s consistently as new questions are submitted.

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Evaluating the purchase decision for a sectional title unit

Investing in a residential property is often one of the biggest investment decisions a person can make. For many, buying a sectional title unit is particularly stressful because of the uncertainty and unfamiliarity with evaluating the well being of the body corporate which has an important bearing on the purchase decision. From a budgeting perspective it is very important to evaluate the outlook for levy increases, whether a special levy may be raised and importantly whether the body corporate has funds to carry out maintenance.

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Sectional Title Caretaker Training

Recognising that caretakers are very often the first responders and ‘ eyes and ears’  on the ground in a sectional title complex, we have developed a training course comprising 9 modules, aimed at informing caretakers about a range of important and practical sectional title topics to be better informed to perform their roles effectively. Experience has shown that well trained and effective caretakers greatly assist Trustees and managing agents to achieve high standards of facility and property management, significantly benefiting residents. This course is offered as 9 webinar modules which can either be covered online or otherwise at a nearby Trafalgar branch based on a prior booking. Caretakers who complete all 9 modules will be issued with a certificate of completion to recognise their training efforts.

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