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Effective security is an important priority for complexes and very often an important reason why buyers choose to live or invest in a communal living configuration and particular complex.  After municipal costs, security is often the single biggest expense incurred and hence very important to manage carefully. The implication therefore is that outsourced security service providers do need to be actively managed for best results.


It is important to ensure that a security service provider before being appointed is correctly registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority’s) and thereby compliant with necessary security regulations including paying market related salaries to their guards. Clearly defined security procedures should be documented for the complex and the guards should use an Occurrence Book (OB) on site to record any incidents for further investigation and attention. The OB should be regularly inspected.

The security procedures should include a visitors’ policy which is often a challenge and significant security issue.  If additional guards are expected to patrol the complex a monitoring system such as guard track to bloodhound should be installed with the reports reviewed by the trustees /directors at least on a monthly basis.

The security service providers should also be tasked to check the panic alarm system, electric fencing installation, perimeter lighting and access control systems at least on a weekly basis. Very often the guards become aware of other maintenance items very quickly and should be given appropriate contact numbers to report the issues to be addressed.

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