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Trafalgar is the leading property rental agency across South Africa, letting and managing residential properties across all major metropolitan areas. Trafalgar has a wide selection of homes to rent, to suit all budgets, tastes and areas.

If you’re looking for apartments, houses, freestanding homes or flats to rent, our professional team of rental agents will make the process of searching, viewing, renting and moving into a new home as time efficient, convenient and comfortable as possible.

For landlords and property investors, Trafalgar’s multi-channel marketing, industry experience, brand visibility and pre-screened tenant waiting lists, ensures that your residential property investments are quickly and effectively leased to approved tenants at competitive rentals. Trafalgar ensures that all the correct tenant application screening and legal processes are followed with signing a new lease, thereby safeguarding and maximising rental income on rental properties.

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Landlord Services

Full service residential letting for property investors to achieve convenience, legal compliance and optimal financial returns

Tenant Services

Widest choice of rental units, convenience and service excellence supported by Trafalgar’s team of letting agents

Tenant Guide

Summary of important information for prospective tenants planning to rent a residential property


Answers to common questions and issues relevant to renting residential properties in South Africa

Online Services

Links to report maintenance issues, ask for assistance, online accounts and Trafalgar’s registration certificates


For landlords and property investors, Trafalgar’s targeted marketing ensures that your property is quickly and effectively leased to the right tenant, Trafalgar also ensures that all the correct legal processes are followed, including the latest amendments required from the recently adopted Consumer Protection Act, thereby safeguarding and maximising investor returns.
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Trafalgar has the intention of making your experience of renting a home a happy one.  It is imperative that you have a clear understanding of both your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and those of the landlord. After your application has been favourably assessed, the next step will be to sign for the home you have chosen to rent.
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Through effective marketing, in a range of communication channels, to appropriate audiences, we ensure prompt leasing to well-matched tenants.  This offers potential tenants a wide, convenient and accessible choice, while landlords benefit from high visibility and prompt occupation.
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For a great tenant, look no further than Trafalgar.  For a tenant wishing to rent a home, Trafalgar Property Rentals through our large nationwide database has a portfolio of rental properties to suit all budgets and tastes. From flats and apartments, to townhouses and freestanding homes, our team of professionals will make the process of finding and moving into a new home as convenient, efficient and comfortable as possible.
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Tenants are often unclear as to their duties and responsibilities with regards to a rental property. This tenant guide has been designed with the intention of making your experience of renting a home as comfortable and convenient as possible by focusing on answering important questions and uncertainties.
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As a Trafalgar client, you are very welcome to use our online services to update your property management and account information. Simply log in using your pin and password, and gain access to a secure world of online property management information.
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Should you wish to apply for a residential property to rent, please download and complete the relevant application form below and return to our nearest office using the contact details provided on the branch locator page.
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What would happen to me if the unit is sold?
Is there any law which exists to protect my rights?
Can the landlord or his agent enter my home whenever he pleases?

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