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Pool care

If the complex has a communal pool, it should be clean and blue at all times to maintain the necessary well managed and positive presentation of the complex.

pool care

A green and dirty pool is not only unsightly but also creates a very poor impression and association with the complex and trustee/director management team. There should be a clear responsibility assigned to a staff member or trustee/director for maintaining the pool, together with the necessary training for testing the water and adjusting chemicals as required.

Sourcing chemicals with the necessary budget and payment arrangements in place should be well established to avoid unnecessary delays and inconvenience. Outsourcing the pool cleaning and maintenance to a specialist is an important consideration where capacity and onsite support is lacking.

Health and safety implications should also be clearly considered and the pool should be properly and effectively secured by at least a safety fence to ensure children do not have unsupervised access. A disclaimer sign warning against unsupervised swimming should also be clearly displayed at the pool.

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