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All claims must be reported either (preferably) directly to Trafalgar Financial Services electronically to or telephonically on 0861 66 44 44, or alternatively to your portfolio manager direct.

Trafalgar Financial Services, in an effort to compress turnaround times and make the claim process easier for our valued clients, does not require hardcopy claim forms signed, rather utilizing voice recording technology, in agreement with our insurer partners, who understand the importance of making this process simpler and faster.


•  Always take all necessary and reasonable action to prevent, or minimize the loss;

•  Notify Trafalgar Financial Services of the loss as soon as reasonably possible thereafter (see claims above);

•  Retain any damaged property (salvage) for the relevant insurer;

•  Always report any incident involving criminal activity to their local SAPS and obtain a Case Reference Number;

•  Never admit to their potential liability and refer any correspondence in this regard directly to Trafalgar Financial Services;

•  Record the details of any Third Party potentially involved in the loss;

•  Image and the cause thereof;

* In most instances insurers apply cumulative excesses; subject to Trafex policy limits.

The above is not intended to be definitive; please ready your insurance policy for more specific instructions relating to the claims procedure or contact Trafalgar Financial Services directly to arrange for one of our qualified and specialist brokers to assist you further.



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