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The importance of gardens to the values of properties

Arising from a recent series of client appreciation events hosted by Trafalgar across the country, South Africa’s gardening guru Keith Kirsten addressed the importance of gardens to the aesthetics and values of properties in South African complexes. Showcased in a series of colourful and interesting slides and case studies, Keith demonstrated the significant impact of shrubs and trees on the visual appeal and quality of life in complexes. Some of the key points emphasised by Keith were:

  • Prioritise gardens and a garden budget – a budget of between 5% and 10% of expenses would be a suggested gardening budget
  • Focus on plants which do well in the environment concerned. This will achieve better growth and reduced maintenance
  • Use trees and shrubs to visually break uninterrupted paving and walls; the aesthetic benefits are very significant
  • Don’t be afraid to lift sections of paving to create opportunities to expand garden beds and planting across a complex
  • Sensible plant selection will avoid damaging structures and waterproofing by plant roots
  • Avoid small patches of lawn which are high maintenance and generally do not remain visually appealing for long. There are many ground cover alternatives.
  • Call in a garden service expert for some ideas where there are insufficient skills and interest available within the complex and board of trustees or directors
  • When planting a garden, go for larger trees and shrubs (versus very small plants) to achieve an early impact and benefit
  • There are many examples of property resale prices significantly increasing as a result of an appealing garden and common area grounds
  • Gardens do require regular maintenance; don’t neglect to maintain a garden
  • An irrigation system can actually save water by adding a weather station sensor to only water as required by the weather and temperature conditions
  • Spring is a very good opportunity to introduce colour, variety and interest. Bird and butterfly interest will quickly follow for the benefit of all residents

Kind regards

Andrew Schaefer
Managing Director
Trafalgar Property Management (Pty) Ltd

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