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Numerous owner and tenant surveys have demonstrated that security, cleaning and maintenance are top of mind priorities and expectations for residents and therefore important for directors/trustees to closely manage.

It is therefore very important that the common property is clean and presentable at all times including the refuse bin area, corridors, staff arrears, gardens and parkings. Many complexes employ and manage cleaners directly albeit this important function can also be outsourced.


Where cleaners are employed directly a clear work roster should be defined and supervised. In Sectional Title schemes for example the cleaning of corridor walls on a weekly basis, light fittings and common property facing windows are frequently neglected items which should be included in the work roster.

Specific attention needs to be given to removing domestic refuse from the units to the common refuse area and ensuring that the bins and refuse area are thoroughly cleaned at least weekly after municipal removal. A clean and tidy complex makes a very positive impression and quality of life difference.

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